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Why Professional Welders Should Undertake Custom Metal Fabrication

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When it comes to industrial processes, metal fabrication is one of the most commonly employed techniques to create new products. And if you need something specific for your home or business, then custom metal fabrication should be your go-to option. But one thing some people do not realise is how complex the fabrication process is. Instead, when some individuals learn that welding is part of the fabrication process, they tend to assume that it is merely about connecting to metallic components via heat. Read More»

Why You Should Know Which Coating Steel Has

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Steel products, such as steel pipe, usually have solvent-based or water-based coatings that protect those products from corrosion and other environmental hazards during storage. Manufacturers need to know the specific coating used so that they know how to work with that steel. This article discusses why it is better for you to select steel with water-based coatings. Cleaning Up Is Easy It is very easy to clean the steel products if they have a water-based coating when compared to cleaning off solvent-based coatings. Read More»

3 top tips for buying water troughs

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Water is a vital part of agricultural life, it keeps animals hydrated and crops healthy. Any farmer will be concerned therefore with the best way to get water supplies to animals. There are plenty of options available on the market which makes selecting the correct option difficult. Especially in tough rural conditions it is vital that you make the correct choice, especially as the costs associated with water troughs can be high, particularly if you’re buying in a large quantity at once for your entire farm. Read More»